DEFCON 23 Retrospective

This year’s DEFCON was especially exciting because there were a lot more opportunities to get down and dirty with actual hardware. The return of the ICS (Industrial Controls Systems) village, and the brand new IoT (Internet of Things) village gave people the opportunities to play with everything from home office routers to water treatment plants.

I also got to do a first for me. A workshop lead by Lyon Yang (@l0Op3r) walked us through exploiting a real buffer overrun vulnerability on a an actual SOHO router.


buffer overrun in IoT workshop

buffer overrun in IoT workshop


The badges were a little disappointing this year honestly. I appreciate the nod to retro technology, but they were huge, kept falling off of the clip, and didn’t have any electronic modding opportunities.



The Convention took up both Bally’s and Paris. It was so spread out and there was so much going on, it was impossible to see even 50% of of events going  but overall it was a productive, fun convention. I look forward to catching up with all of the talks and workshops I missed in preparation for next year.